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Wading water shoes - New Simms RipRap mens 8 list ...
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SOLD on ebay

These are great wading/water shoes, built for use wading in rivers. I just got them to replace my previous pair but didn't get the right size & since they are on clearance I can't return them. These are mens size 8

Here is the write-up about them, I've also attached pictures

"When you're wading against a sweeping current and searching for the perfect eddy to drop in, make sure your feet stay firm underneath you. Simms' men's low-top Riprap Shoes include a Right Angle® footbed to ease stress, so you can navigate the riverbed in comfort all day. The hydrophobic mesh upper stands up to a beating underwater while draining quickly on dry land. Bungee lacing allows the shoe to slip on and off with ease."

Ross Mead 901-833-4837

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