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Sample Places to Paddle Page - One Per River/River Section




We can put maps, directions and description in this section

Minimum River Levels for safe paddling

List min and max river levels here for safe/navigable paddling

Put-Ins, Take Outs

We can list put-ins and take-outs, outfitters, etc here.


Places to Stop or Camp Along the River

List good stopping, lunch or camping places

Services Available Along the River

List any services that might be available along the River

Highlights Along the River

Add neat things to look out for here

Potential Danger Spots Along the River

List any known trouble spots

Places to Camp In the Area

We can add links to campgrounds as well as our comments on them.

Places to eat

We can list our favorite restaurants, bars, picnic spots for the area.

Other things to do

We can list other fun things to do (hike, shop, sightsee,etc).


Medical Facilities

Hospitals, Urgent Care, etc.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
Other Events