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Spring River Trip Report - June 25-26, 2015

Submitted by: Mary Finley

There were three us on Thursday enjoying the cool, scenic waters of the Spring River.  EJ Douglas and set up our Aliners at SRO on Wed. and Meg Goodman came up and met us Thursday at Dam 3.  She had never done this section and thoroughly enjoyed the day’s run.  We stopped to eat our lunch and play and cool off in the water at Dead Man’s Curve.  The water was up and some run were made easier while others were somewhat more challenging.  We all had a great time.  It was full sun so the dip in the water at lunch brought a welcome relief from the heat. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….lol EJ said that he had to cool off and test the new long sleeve shirts for its wicking ability.  At the end of the day, he was impressed with the new shirts.  They passed his test.


On Friday, the three us were joined by Hunter Solimine and Debby Thomas for another wonderful day on the river.   We were delighted to see a river otter run down the river bank at an opening.   We saw the otter for several minutes.  We saw another one swimming in the water further down the river.  We also saw more turtles sunning on logs than on Thursday.  The sky was overcast and not as hot as on Thursday.  We also saw many standing in the water fishing on both days, more on Friday.  The past several years we usually do this trip 3rd week in July so maybe this is just that time of the year because usually we didn’t see as many in the past years.  Again, we stopped at Dead Man’s Curve to eat and play in the water.  Again, EJ and I did the sit on the rocks and let the water flow over us.  The others never made it fully in the water.  It was so coooooooool but refreshing.  Sitting on the rocks and letting the water pour over your head was EJ’s idea and new to me but brrrrrrrrrrr great fun.  As we were coming up to SRO, we saw a fisheries truck backed up to the river at the pavilion area.  We had just missed them release of rainbow trout in to the water but as Hunter and I boated up to the area we could see 6” long ones in the water.  Neat!


Everyone did great on the runs.  I was so proud of everyone.  No rescues required.  At the end of the shuttle and back at the campsite getting Meg and Debby’s boats loaded the rain came hard.  We were already wet but now we were soaked…lol All turned out okay and Meg and Debby and Hunter left and EJ and I enjoyed the dry space of our Aliners, leaving on Sat. for home.  Again, a great two days of paddling!!!!! 

Check out the Photo Album to see some great pictures of this trip.

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