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Mississippi River Sunset Float - June 2015

Submitted by Mike Watson

The June sunsetter float set off on high water.  The water was high enough to put in on the Wolf River ramp at the confluence of the Wolf and the Mississippi at the north end of the Greenbelt Park.  There was a lot of drift wood that we had to work around to get everyone on the water.  But, it went smoothly as we put 19 boats and 23 people on the water around 7:20pm.  This was only an hour before sunset and an hour and a half before twilight as we began our adventure.

As we moved out into the river, we noticed several massive full size trees that the high water had picked up to take to New Orleans.  Would they turn us over and take us to New Orleans with them?  We hoped not and it turned out that a floating kayak or canoe, with emphasis on floating, moves faster than a full size floating tree.   A couple members decided to float alongside one of the trees for a while which was an interesting sight when the tree is wider than the kayak.

Yes, we did paddle out into the current but that was about it.  It wasn’t long after putting on that folks began to notice how fast we were moving as we watched the bank line whip by.  The group basically quit paddling.  As we approached the bridge, we began to realize we had moved two miles in about fifteen minutes.  This was not good.  We were going to be in the harbor way before sunset.  The decision was made to paddle upstream which turn out to be futile.  The group then decided to hold up at the downstream end of Mud Island, the point.  It was a good place to hang.  The high water had created a huge eddie at the point that hugged us all as the sunset.  Nick Hugo had a phone app that tracked us floating at 8.5 mph.  WOW!

After the sunset, we all headed to Pizza and a Movie to enjoy the end of another great evening on the river.

Check out the photo album here.

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