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11 Point River Over-nighter - September 2015

Submitted by Sandy Stacks 

Cool fall temperatures dominated the weekend weather on the river.  Twenty one folks in eighteen boats (3 tandem canoes, 3 solo canoes, and 12 kayaks)put on the beautiful river under azure blue skies dotted with a few big fluffy white clouds.  The current floated us easily downriver to the lunch stop at Turner Mill.  We walked up to the spring afterward.  A few of us got in briefly to experience the cold water gushing forth out of the mountain.
Camping Saturday night was at Barn Hollow.  Unloading the boats wasn't quite as muddy as usual.  No one complained after I told them that people often pay big bucks for the "mud bath treatment"! The potluck dinner was plentiful indeed.  We had everything from chili dogs to lemon chicken pasta.  The campfire welcomed us to sit back and enjoy the cool temperatures that dropped into the low forties.  It brought back fond memories of Dick Tholen.  He loved going to this river and especially the White's Creek Cave.
Sunday morning we took off for more adventures.  Eagles, peregrine falcons, teals, herons and an otter was seen along the river.  Also, Susan and Dean spotted an eagle nest.  Blue Hole was especially blue since no other groups had been swimming on Sunday.  Several brave souls did take the plunge and came out energized.  Geza scored 10.0 for his dive and Deb Myers scored 10.0 in the woman's division.
The group pulled up to the Riverton take out on schedule at 2 pm. Everyone loaded up and headed back to Memphis.  

Thank you all for being such a fun group and going to play with me on the river.

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