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Home2016 - Feb Impromptu Wolf River Paddle

2/20/16 Wolf River

Submitted by Mary Finley

The WRC guides decided to head to the Wolf and invited BCCC members to join.  The weather was perfect.

We had 8 paddlers.  We put on at Collierville-Arlington  and took out at Germantown Pkwy.  A great time was had by all. 


We stopped on a sand bar just up from Grey's Creek for lunch. 


The river was even  higher  than the last trip recently done on this section.  It was 7' at both the put-in and take out.The three weirs were  definitely not an issue and made for fun runs.


Paddlers were Jim Gafford, David Prudhomme, Richard  Sojourner, Tom  Roehm, Beverly  Hollingsworth, Kelly Sziraky, Igor Veksler  and moi, Mary  Finley.

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