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Bear Creek - Jun 11, 2016

Submitted by Jimmy Burkeen


We began the trip from the Mill creek access with 7 boats carrying 9 people.  The outfitters were working in full force so there were a good number of locals floating the river.  That area must have had a lot of rainfall lately because there were many trees blocking the river.  Didn’t have to drag over any but the channel was constricted in several spots.  The weather started out cloudy and eventually turned into a quick rain shower at the lunch stop above factory falls.  After the brief rain ended, the sun came out and raised the humidity and temperature.  Luckily the canyon walls keep Bear Creek a comfortable temperature.  We stopped at the waterfall below factory falls only to find the smell there was horrible.  Don’t know if it was something dead or the chicken farms nearby.  So we didn’t stay there very long.  Although nobody turned over, we did have one accident.  Chuck Cianciola broke his finger running factory falls (at least that’s his story).  A stick and the adjacent finger taped to it and we were off paddling again.  Finished the trip with no other incidents.

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