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HomeCurrent River - June 2016

Current River - June 2016

Submitted by Mary Finley


There were 10 in all joining up for this 20 miles adventure down the Current River.  We met at the entrance to Round Spring National Park at 8:30 and organized our shuttle.  We consolidated boats in pickups to lessen the number of drivers.  We soon headed off for a day of adventure.  After completing the shuttle, we put-on just pass 10:30 for a great paddle.  The water was so nice and cool and enjoyed by all.  We had 9 kayaks and one canoe.


We paddled from Akers to the Upper Take Out at Round Spring. We took off around 5:30.  7 of us enjoyed Mexican food that evening at Dos Rios in Eminence and the others cooked out at their campsite.


No swims and fun was had by all.  

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