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HomeSpring River July 21-22

Spring River July 21-22

Submitted by Mary Finley

OOhra!! "Tim" retired Marine Saves the Boat!

Yep, we had quite the adventure, 6 of us set out Thursday and 4 of us on Friday.  We had beautiful weather both days.  It was cooler on the water than on shore.  The water is always cool.  We stopped both days for lunch at Dead Man’s Curve and played in the water.  We had one lady that swam in her new kayak both days at Saddler falls and decided that even with more leg room, it was just a fishing kayak and not meant for this type water. 


Our big oooops happen at Saddler on Thursday.  Sara and Bill Oaks were scouting Saddler Falls in their canoe and as they were heading to the falls, turned over.  The rest of us were in the flat water below the falls helping our other swimmer.  There were two guys standing in the flat water,  Tim, who turned out to be a retired Marine went up to the ledge to the right of the falls and helped Bill and Sara walk down to the flat water.  He then went back up to the falls.  Oh, I forgot to mention that the canoe didn’t make the falls.  It was pinned, filling up with water against the big rock at Saddler Falls.  I had a z-drag rig but he and EJ didn’t hear me.  Tim swam over to the canoe, worked hard and by himself lifted it and turned it over.  WOW.   It all turned out okay and “Tim” is our HERO!!!  We were all amazed at his determination and “leave no one behind, man or boat”.   


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