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2016 Sept 11 Point River

Submitted by Sandy Stacks


Sept 17-18

With the threat of 70-80% chance of thunderstorms predicted for Saturday, several people decided to stay in Memphis. However, thirteen hardy folks thought positive about the 20% chance of no rain.  We put on the river Saturday at 9 am with cloudy skies.  Soon, we were rewarded with blue skies and a few fluffy white clouds.


The rain on Friday night helped make the spring fed river flow faster than usual, so it was an easy paddle. We ate lunch at Turner Mill and walked up to see the spring gushing out of the mountain.  It tempted several of the group to get in and cool off.  At some point, Susan, Addie and I performed the “don’t lean upstream” technique. All the gear was recovered, including Addie’s minnow catching net.


We actually paddled further than usual and arrived at Greenbriar camp about three pm.    It enabled us to unload the boats and set up camp without the mud.  After a wonderful pot luck dinner, everyone sat around the campfire getting to know each other.


Sunday morning Keith and Sherri treated us to hot pancakes with butter and maple syrup.  Yummy! We packed up and paddled on down toward Blue Hole.  We were rewarded with an eagle flying overhead.  Blue Hole was fabulous and invited all the new folks to brave its ice-cold water for a quick dip.  I just love to see those frigid smiles!  Addie kept swimming around like it was bath temperature.  Youth is great.  Hall’s rapid was especially fun with huge standing waves.  Rob Stine loved it so much that he pulled a kayak back upstream and ran it again.  He then surfed until the river troll got him.

We arrived at Riverton about noon and headed back to Memphis.  Thanks to everyone that came along to enjoy this beautiful float with me!  

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