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HomeArkansas Buffalo Oct.22-23 2016

Arkansas Buffalo Oct 22-23 2016

Submitted by Sherri Watson


On Saturday, we started with 22 ambitious explorers and 2 fur babies.  Stonewall, Bill Rehberg’s dog, accompanied us on the river while Maddie, Debby Thomas’s dog, stayed back to guard camp.  The weather was gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky. We encountered several eagles, an osprey, and blue herons and on a sad note we witnessed a crow take out a bat in mid-flight.  EJ and Anna were point and  Paul Bebee was our saint taking care of the tired and wounded.  Bill, Debbie and Jill deserve kudos for helping out with extra driving for the shuttles.  Sandy gets my blessings for taking care of the trip coordinators Friday night with a gourmet meal.  On Sunday Paul and Cynthia served as our sweep, thank you guys!   I thought the pot luck was a huge success with all kinds of delicious foods.  I want to thank everyone that participated; you all made it a fantastic weekend.  To quote our dear friend Dan, “paddle on”.

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