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Norfork Fishing Trip - Nov 12-13 2016

Submitted By Sandy Stacks

The original plan to float and fish on the Eleven Point River had to be changed to the Norfolk River.  We were told that the opening weekend for deer hunting season was not the best time to be on the Eleven Point River.  
On Friday morning I met Ross Mead about 9 am at the Two Rivers Fly Shop.  After buying a few lucky flies, we went to wade the river and were treated to beautiful skies and a clear, cold river.  Ross caught several nice trout.  I mostly waded about tangling my line.  Suddenly I had a strike on an olive bugger.  I couldn’t believe how big and feisty it was as it leaped up out of the river flashing brilliant red!  I actually brought him in, touched him and thanked the him for the experience as I gave him his freedom.
About 12:30, Chris Hugo and his son, Alex, met us for an afternoon of fishing.  Both had nice casting techniques and fished and fished.  We made our way to the White Buffalo Resort.  By then, Charlie Bright and Susan Moffat had arrived.
We were treated to a hearty soup and cornbread made in the Dutch oven by Chris.  Delicious!!
At daylight on Saturday, there was a layer of mist over the river as the sun peaked over the tall limestone bluffs. Amazing scene! Ross coordinated a plan and we floated the Norfolk and fished as we went along.  Everyone either caught fish or had a strike or two.  I only caught two sculpins (cute little fish).  After a full day of fishing, Ross departed for Memphis while the rest of us went back to the camp.  The campfire was especially welcomed since the temperature dropped into the low thirties.
Sunday morning, Alex and Chris fished for a while before heading back to Memphis.  We drove the scenic route home through Mountain View.
Thanks to everyone for making this trip so enjoyable.  I especially want to thank Ross for being so patient and helping all of us to have a positive fishing experience.

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