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Spring River - July 20-21, 2017

It was hot but the water was cool and nice on Thursday when 6 of us headed out from Dam 3 to Spring River Oaks. Barbara and Mike Dale, E.J. Douglas, Geiza Varay, Charles McClain and I were ready for a wonderful day on the river.

We had a great paddle, stopping at Dead Man’s Curve for lunch and to play in the water.

On Friday, there were the 6 of us joined by September Young, Kelly Sziraky and Jeff Chambers. Again, we had a great paddle and I must say that when we eddied out for lunch at Dead Man’s Curve, Mike Dale made a great save. He got up against the dead tree sticking from the left bank of the curve and Barbara ended up right next to him. Wow, he managed to get Barbara moving and finally got himself out of this position and didn’t “tump”. We were all so impressed!!!

After eating and playing in the water some of us put our helmets on for the next run on the river. We all headed out for more fun on the water. Charles eddied out just above Saddler Falls with one of my throw ropes in hand. He rescued Jeff who tumped just before the falls in the churning water. We got his boat below and managed to tow/ferry it over to the river right shallow water. He was able to walk to his boat. All went well and I told him that this is just a “making memory moment”.

All in all, we had a great two days on the river.

Mary Finley

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