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North Fork of the White, Aug 19-20, 2017

Six of us, my mom Eva, Ben Quaintence, Chris Austin, Michael and Barbara Dale and myself arrived at the campground Friday afternoon set up camp and had dinner at the twin bridges café and discussed our float plans.

Since there was a bridge out at the planned put in which would've required extra shuttling we opted to start at twin bridges and float down to Blair bridge for a distance of 15 miles on Saturday. We put in about 9:30. We made several stops along the way including at Blue spring and a lunch stop. We took off the river about 4 o'clock then had dinner again at twin bridges café. 

On Sunday we floated down to twin bridges from Hebron. We put on the water about 9 o'clock floated 6 miles and took out about noon. We broke camp and headed back home. The water was low but floatable and there were very few people on the river on both sections.

There was still lots of flood damage in evidence but the river was still beautiful and we all had a great time.

Click here for the pictures!

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