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Home2017 Sept - 11 Pt Overnight

Eleven Point River Adventure

Submitted by Sandy Stacks

What an amazing weekend to paddle this beautiful river. Fifteen boats took 18 folks downriver with a very nice current, making the paddle easy. There were several people on their first overnight trip on the Eleven Point. Mary Finley and Charles McClain did a great job as points. There were several places that we had to check out and a few that we decided to walk. We did have a swim on one rapid. The boat was temporarily pinned, but was recovered with most all the gear. Freddi had to be helped across the swift current. Chris Hugo put his recent rescue training to good use to get her across the river and back into the boat.

Along the way we observed the results of the spring floods. Huge trees torn up by their roots were scattered along the river banks. There were many different fall flowers that lent a sweet fragrance to the air. Blue skies and puffy white clouds over a teal colored river was exactly what I needed to relax and enjoy the first day of fall.

Horseshoe Bend was our campsite on Saturday night. There was plenty of space to spread out to enjoy a fabulous potluck dinner. We had everything from hobo foil packs to veggie chili, stir fry veggies and chicken over rice, and vegan Indian food. No one went to bed hungry. Some of us actually camped on the river on the gravel bar. Incredible view of the bluff and river! We had a very nice campfire and told a few stories, mostly true.

Sunday morning we packed up and loaded up to paddle on downriver. A stop at the Blue Hole (Boze Mill) was our lunch stop. The water is still 56 degrees, but it didn’t stop us from getting in. Some experienced it by total body submersion, others only waded in waist deep.

We were blessed by an eagle sighting. He even sat in the tree as we floated underneath before flying off.

The takeout at Riverton was interesting. The beach had been washed area, making it difficult to unload the boats. The boat ramp had dead fish remnants lending a pretty horrible smell. We swiftly loaded boats and gear up for a quick departure!

Thanks to everyone that went along with me to enjoy the sounds of the river rolling along inviting us to relax and enjoy life to the max!

Sandy Stacks

Click here for some pictures!

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