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Horseshoe Lake , AR

The information provided below was originally compiled in the spring of 2018. 


Horseshoe Lake, AR  39.8 miles and 50 minutes from Benjamin Hooks Library

This oxbow lake is 2364 acres of mostly open water with a large stand of old cypress on the inside bend and private homes on the outside bend.

Minimum/Maximum Levels for safe paddling

Controlled water level. Can be paddled at any time with the possible exception of extreme drought

Put-Ins, Take Outs

Nancy and Pat Bonds Ramp 10584 Horseshoe Lake Circle (Hwy 147) on the Southwest bank of Horseshoe Lake.  

The launch area was upgraded with a concrete ramp and paved parking for plenty of vehicles in the summer of 2018.  

The launch area is primarily oriented to power boats on trailers, but launching canoes and kayaks is quite easy.

Places to Stop, Camp and Services

None noted. There is a small community of population 278 on the East bank, but we did not find much in the way of services.  There are some places to eat noted on Google Maps, but we did not find them when we drove through.

Highlights of the Paddle

There is a sizable stand of cyprus to explore.

Potential Danger Spots

There is no horsepower limit on power boats.  Water skiers, jet skiers or fast fishing boats may be encountered.

Places to Camp In the Area

None noted nearby.  This is really just a place near Memphis for a short outing.

Medical Facilities

The best are probably back in Memphis.

However, there is a primary care clinic in West Memphis, AR:


206 N Rhodes St

West Memphis, AR 72301

(870) 400-0263

Open Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm

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