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Sunk Lake, TN

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Sunk Lake State Natural Area near Henning, TN

56.2 miles, 1 hour 19 minutes from Benjamin Hooks Library, 3030 Poplar Ave. Memphis, TN

Eight interconnected ponds and small lakes to explore. (take a compass) Huge old growth cypress. At lower water levels only 3 lakes are accessible.  A more detailed description is here.

From Covington, take U.S. Hwy. 51 north to Henning. Turn west on Hwy. 87 and continue to Sunk Lake Road. Turn right on Sunk Lake Rd. at the Three Points Community and travel for 2.9 miles to a gravel road on the right; follow the graveled road to the parking area.

Minimum/Maximum Levels for safe paddling

High water may affect access.  Staff at Chickasaw National Wildlife Refuge suggested that if the Osceola, AR river stage is below 30 feet, access should be possible.  Low water may limit access to only 3 of the 8 ponds.  Late spring is probably the optimum water levels for paddling.

Put-Ins, Take Outs


Places to Stop, Camp and Services

None noted.

Highlights of the Paddle

Here’s a track made of a paddle made by Ben

Here’s the government map of the area

Potential Danger Spots

None known.  However, it’s easy to get lost.  A compass or other navigational tool is recommended

Places to Camp In the Area

None noted at Sunk Lake,  However, Sunk Lake is not far from Ft. Pillow.

Medical Facilities

None noted.  

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