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2020 Trip Reports

2020 June Eleven Point
Beautiful Weather and lots of water.

2020 June Wapanocca
Close to Memphis and no shuttle.  

2020 July Wapanocca
Early morning birding trip

2020 July Poplar Tree Lake
An afternoon float on a local lake.

2020 July Eagle Lake
A morning paddle in an old cyress stand with a ranger guide.

2020 July Current River
Caves and camp cooking

2020 August
2020 August Memphis Harbor Moonlight Paddle
Lots of great nighttime photos

2020 August St Francis Sunken Lands
Hanging out in the cypress on a sunny day

2020 August Wapanocca Report
Bird watching and lilly dipping

2020 September Eagle Lake
A quiet paddle at Shelby Forest

2020 September TN Buffalo Overnight
A great way to spend the weekend
2020 Oct Memphis Harbor Sunsetter
A beautiful evening with no bugs and no asian carp
2020 Oct Jack's Fork
Fun at Jack's Fork camping, paddling, swimming, hiking, caving and more.
2020 Oct Wapanocca Report
Halloween Paddle with great weather and costumes
2020 Nov Arkasas Buffalo Adventure
A fabulous fall weekend
2020 Nov Arkansas Buffalo 5 Day Trip
Cool weather and a beautiful river
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Upcoming Events