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Eleven Point Overnight




Missouri Canoe and Floaters Association has a good map and mile by mile description of the Eleven Point River.

Minimum and Maximum River Levels for paddling

List min and max river levels here for safe/navigable paddling

USGS Gauge at Bardley, MO

June 15-16, 2019 the Bluff City Canoe Club paddled comfortably at river stage approximately 4.23 feet. 

On 6/10/2020 the river stage was 6.27 feet and considered too high.  The ramps at Greer Crossing and Riverton were flooded.  On 6/11/2020 the river had dropped to 5.50 and the outfitter was putting boats onto the river.

An interesting site with commentary about a variety of floats maintained by the Missouri Herpetological Association 

Put-Ins, Take Outs

The Bluff City Canoe Club typically puts iin at Greer Crossing and takes out at Riverton


Places to Stop or Camp Along the River

Turner Mill is a common lunch stop about 5 miles from the launch.  

Services Available Along the River


Highlights Along the River

Turner Mill is a scenic hike with waterfall and the remains of an historic mill. 

Potential Danger Spots Along the River

List any known trouble spots

Places to Camp In the Area

Accommodations in Alton
Cabins available by contacting Brian at 417-270-2497 

Camping at the Put-In
Greer Crossing Recreation Area

Camping on the river
According to Paul Beebe, there are two really nice places to camp other than the designated river campsites.  The first is just past Whitten access on river left.  It is less than 1/4 mile past Whitten.  I have it marked on a map. The other is a mile or two past Whitten on river right.  The best I can remember, it is past White's Creek float camp.  Both sites have ample space for tents as well as suitable trees for us tree dwellers (hammock campers).  Since they are not designated campsites they do no have a picnic table or latrine.

Boat Rentals and Shuttle Services

Both Hufstedler's Canoe Rental and Eleven Point Canoe Rental now belong to Mike and Wendy Jones.  

We arrange shuttles at the Eleven Point River Canoe Rental at the into shuttle our cars from Greer Crossing to Riverton.  The 2020 rates were

$50 per car for fewer than 7 cars
$45 per car for 7 cars
$40 per car for 8 or more cars 

Places to eat

There are several restaurants within walking distance of the rental cabins in Alton.  As I recall, the Hometown Cafe was the preferred place for Friday night dinner.  Saturday morning breakfast has usually been potluck in the rented cabins.  

Other things to do

A hike to Greer Spring Mill is a favorite activity for those arriving early on Friday afternoon. 


Medical Facilities

Oregon County Ambulance Service
Alton, Mo

Medical services in Alton, MO

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
Other Events